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Will you marry me?

No rely how you say it, asking any individual to marry you is a massive step in your life and can come with some pre-proposal jitters.

Not to add any greater stress—but have you concept about what you would do if some thing occurred to the ring? What if you misplaced it? Or it obtained damaged?

And if that doesn’t make you nervous, assume of the response of your soon-to-be fiancée when the ring is missing or broken, which ought to probably cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, earrings losses are amongst the most commonplace of all homeowners’ content-related insurance claims, so these eventualities aren’t far-fetched.

The first-rate way to guard your high-value, sentimental rings is with insurance.

Take a seem to be at our rapid information to buying insurance for your engagement ring, and provide your agent a call so that when you promise, “till death do us part,” you can make sure the equal for the ring.

Step #1: Buy the ring and keep the receipt.
Your insurance carrier might also require the retail fee of the ring earlier than providing coverage, so hang on to your receipt.

Step #2: Call your unbiased agent.
Your impartial insurance agent will information you via this procedure together with taking walks you via your options, assisting you pick the pleasant policy, and hopefully easing some of your nerves considering that you can relaxation certain that the ring will be protected.

Step #3: Get an appraisal.
Your independent agent can assist you determine if an appraisal is needed. While a receipt is adequate for many rings, for more steeply-priced jewelry, your insurer may also require an appraisal. The appraisal will study all diamonds and different stones, as well as the band, to determine the value of the ring, regardless of how tons you paid for it. You may also also be asked to get an appraisal if the ring is an vintage or household heirloom.

Step #4: Raise your limits or add an endorsement.
When insuring your ring, you have two options: increase your limits or schedule the ring as an endorsement. Homeowners and renters insurance plan policies consist of insurance for the contents of your home. However, a base house owners coverage generally limits theft of earrings insurance up to $1,000, or now and again just $500. Because of this, in reality boosting your limits may additionally now not be ample to cover your fiancée’s new bling.

Scheduling the ring as an endorsement is every other option. Although it may also expand your policy’s top class cost, it provides insurance for a broader spectrum of losses. And your coverage deductible doesn’t apply; this ability that you may want to exchange the ring at no extra fee to you.

When debating how to insure the ring, use your independent insurance agent as an professional aid to help you choose the first-class insurance for you.

Step #5: Propose!
Confidently pop the question, knowing that if the ring by accident gets trampled in the midst of your idea flash mob, tumbles down the stadium seats as your engagement is broadcasted on the jumbotron, or even if your fiancée finishes the slice of cake and never quite finds the ring inside… you’re covered.

Please contact a local independent Grange agent for complete small print on coverages and discounts.

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